BBC defends employee’s use of term ‘Jewish lobby’.

The Jewish Chronicle reported on November 8th that the Board of Deputies of British Jews had criticised the BBC World News anchor in Washington, Katty Kay, for using the phrase ‘Jewish lobby’ during a Question & Answer session about the US elections on Twitter. 

“Board chief executive Jon Benjamin said that the reporter’s “loose use of language really has to be seen in a context where support for America’s key ally in the Middle East is cynically questioned — and the motives of Israel’s supporters are seen as suspect”.

Successive US governments, he said, “have recognised the value of this strategic relationship to the national interest, and it is unfortunate that a BBC journalist falls into the trap laid by Israel’s enemies and conspiracy theorists of reducing support for Israel to parlance of Jewish money and power”.”

The BBC’s response?

“A BBC spokesman said that the correspondent’s “primary point in responding was that the US regards Israel as a key ally in the Middle East and also recognises the importance and influence of this relationship on the voting”.”

Obviously the BBC spokesman does not understand what the fuss is all about. Perhaps the penny will drop if he takes a look at the valiant defenders of Katty Kay’s use of the term over on ‘Stormfront’ and the David Icke forum.

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