Guardian ‘Live Blog’ on Gaza accuses IDF of “chest thumping” over killing of Hamas terror chief

The Guardian’s ‘Live Blog’ on the conflict in Gaza is titled ‘Hamas: killing of military chief by Israel has ‘opened gates of hell’ – live‘.

The blog, edited by Paul Owen and Tom McCarthy, noted (at around 21:00 Israeli time) that they were following the Twitter feeds of both the IDF and the Hamas military (Al-Qassam Brigades).

About 30 minutes later they posted the following about an IDF Tweet regarding their targeted killing, earlier in the day, of Hamas terror chief Ahmed Jabari.

Taunts? Chest thumping?

The Guardian’s pithy characterization of the exchange would lead you to believe the Islamist terror movement and the Jewish state were involved in some sort of schoolyard scuffle.

Thus far, the Guardian hasn’t seen fit to post this video of the following “taunt” of Israeli “rats” by Jabari:


The end result of the IDF action in Gaza today was that – sadly for some – Jabari will never get the chance for his own “chest thumping” over the liberation of Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.

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