The two faces of BBC’s Sunday Morning Live

A BBC 1 programme called Sunday Morning Live  – which advertises itself as conducting ‘ethical debates -‘ initiated a poll on the question “Are Israeli military actions justified?” ahead of its November 18th broadcast. 

Rather swiftly, the vote was closed and a message appeared on the website to the effect that its results would not be made public at this time.

A look at the poll’s terms and conditions shows that clause 4 reads:

“The BBC reserves the right to disqualify entries or suspend voting if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any attempt to rig the voting. The BBC has the right to substitute an alternative selection method at its absolute discretion.”

Could it be that the BBC got wind of this?

However, over on the programme’s Twitter feed, we discover not only that the vote results were made public, but that one of its guests was none other than Abdel Bari Atwan – which at least seems to answer this question

And as if one pro- Hamas propagandist is not more than enough on any programme: 

What value the BBC perceives in this kind of straw poll is – I must admit – beyond me. However, I really did want to congratulate BBC 1 on taking a responsible and robust stance against the vote’s manipulation for political ends… until I saw the programme’s Facebook wall.

There – unhindered and apparently unchecked – lies and libels such as the examples below are – by their very appearance on at official BBC account –  also lent the BBC stamp of respectability.

And that, folks, is apparently the BBC’s idea of “ethical debate”.  

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