BBC’s Danahar Tweets a “nothing to see – move along” on bullying of Orthodox youths

Many were shocked by the film which appeared on the internet a couple of weeks ago showing two young Orthodox Jews being abused and bullied by a group of youths in Jerusalem.  


Now Ha’aretz reports that some of those allegedly involved in the incident have been arrested.

And the head of the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau makes his position on the story crystal clear, turning an abusive incident into a mere snowball fight and implying over-reaction on the part of the Israeli authorities.

Danahar Tweet snowballs

Remember – this is a man responsible for ensuring that the news reaching BBC audiences from Israel is accurate and impartial. 

Update: Two hours later, Danahar got round to doing the research: 

Danahar snowball tweet 2

 The perils of knee-jerk Tweeting strike the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau yet again.

Update 2: Yet another member of the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau with a ‘Tweet then maybe check’ policy: 

Davies snowball Tweet 1

Davies snowball Tweet 2

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