Strange priorities on the BBC website’s Middle East page

On Friday, February 8th 2013, Tunisia trembled yet again after the assassination of the secular opposition leader. In Egypt thousands of demonstrators took to the streets once more and in Syria heavy fighting continued with reports of up to a hundred people killed. In Iraq a series of car bombs reportedly left 36 people dead and dozens injured and Amnesty International published a report stating that since the beginning of the year, an average of almost two people a week have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia. 

On the BBC News website’s Middle East page, however, the third most prominent item was an article about a suspected case of arson at the offices of the Beitar Jerusalem football club in which no-one was hurt. The police have set up a dedicated investigatory team for the incident, which has been condemned by the city’s mayor and the country’s Prime Minister. 

HP 8 2 Beitar

Strange editorial priorities. 


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