Gaza news ignored by the BBC

Can you imagine how many heart-rending, finger-wagging reports would have been produced by the BBC if Israel had taken to flooding the Gaza Strip’s smuggling tunnels in order to put them out of operation? In particular, can you imagine the outrage if – as has been claimed – such flooding operations were carried out using sewage? 

It is now over a week since reports of just such actions on the part of Egypt began coming through, but so far there has not been a mention of the subject from the BBC’s Gaza reporter on any of its radio or television channels or on its website, despite his clearly being aware of the story.

Donnison tunnels tweet

tunnels Donnison 2

And here is another Gaza-related story the BBC is not reporting: 

“The number of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who are traveling to Syria to join the anti-regime forces is on the rise, Palestinian sources revealed Monday.”

“Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, a leader of one of the Salafi groups in the Gaza Strip, confirmed that many of his supporters had joined the Syrian rebels. Ansari said that the Palestinians left the Gaza Strip to join the “mujahideen [warriors] of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is fighting against the criminal regime in Syria.” “

Hang on a minute…wasn’t the BBC telling us only three months ago that “Gaza is surrounded by three walls and the sea from the north [sic] so there is no way to escape, to enter Israel or to leave abroad” ?

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