Are Israeli “settlements” illegal under international law?

The Guardian refrain that Jewish communities across the green line (including “East” Jerusalem) represent ‘a violation of international law’ is repeated so often that even those who don’t possess even the slightest antipathy towards Israel could be forgiven for uncritically accepting this as fact.

Reports alleging the “illegality” of such settlements – in the Guardian, as well as in the mainstream media – often don’t even bother citing a source for such an international adjudication, as no such determination has ever been reached or definitively codified.

Eric Rozenman, the Washington DC director of CAMERA, in an essay published today, March 9, at the Washington Times, delves into the relevant legal precedents, as well as the pertinent historical background, and concludes that settlements are not, in fact, illegal under international law.  

Mandate for Palestine

Even those who passionately oppose the existence, and growth, of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria should read and seriously consider Rozenman’s  thoughtful analysis, titled ‘Ban Ki-Moon is wrong about Israeli settlements‘. 

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