Update on the BBC's Omar Masharawi story

A member of the public has informed BBC Watch that he heard a correction made on BBC radio on March 14th 2013 regarding the BBC’s claim that an Israeli missile was responsible for the death of Omar Masharawi. He noted that:

“…the correction was very straightforwardly made, first indicating that the former blame placed on Israel was wrong, thereafter telling what had actually happened..”

Unfortunately, our correspondent could not specify the station or the programme in which he heard the announcement and so BBC Watch has been unable to trace it. 
Such an announcement would of course be a very welcome and appropriate development, but it can be of little value as long as Jon Donnison’s original report blaming Israel for the infant’s death remains ensconced on the BBC website – even taking into account the decidedly mealy-mouthed announcement now added as a footnote. 
Update Donnison Masharawi article

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