More missile attacks on Israel ignored by BBC

The BBC News website’s Middle East page of April 21st included a very reasonable report on the Grad missile attacks on Eilat on April 17th 2013 which originated from Sinai. 

Rocket Eilat HP 21 4

Unfortunately however, by April 21st there had been two further incidents of missile fire on Israeli communities – both from the Gaza Strip – which did not receive any coverage from the BBC.

Late in the evening on April 18th 2013, two missiles hit the Eshkol Regional Council area. No injuries were reported. Shortly after midnight on April 21st, another missile fired from the Gaza Strip hit the same region. 

These are of course not the only instances of missile fire from the Gaza Strip since the end of Operation ‘Pillar of Cloud’ which the BBC has failed to report. In fact it increasingly looks as though such attacks are only considered ‘newsworthy’ when they are followed by an Israeli response. Whether by accident or intent, the practice of ignoring the war crime of military-grade missiles being deliberately fired at civilian communities obviously fails to keep BBC audiences adequately informed and distorts audience views of events upon which the BBC does decide to report. 

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