Gaza gas woes: a side of the story the BBC is unlikely to tell

h/t Israellycool

Readers may remember that back in May the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Yolande Knell tried to persuade her audience that the shortage of cooking gas in the Gaza Strip is “partly due to border restrictions imposed by Israel”. 

As we showed at the time:

“… the shortage of cooking gas in the Gaza Strip actually has nothing to do with “border restrictions imposed by Israel” as claimed by Knell, but it does have rather a lot to do with the policies of the Palestinian Authority.”

Now it seems that the continuing problem is further complicated by the policies of Hamas. Ma’an reports:

“Hamas authorities in Gaza have closed a gas canister factory, leaving 45 workers unemployed, over allegations they tried to imitate Israeli-made products.

Factory owner Yousif Sharaf told Ma’an that the authorities sealed off his factory, which produces domestic gas canisters, after inspectors found three canisters painted silver.

“Silver canisters are banned in Gaza because they are produced in Israel.” […]

Abdul-Fattah Mousa, an official in the ministry of economy, said […] “He was informed he must stick to Palestinian standards, but he breached them by painting canisters in unaccepted color”. “

What are the chances of Yolande Knell reporting this particular news item?


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