Security incidents in northern & southern Israel not newsworthy for BBC

On the evening of Sunday July 14th 2013, residents of communities near the border with the Sinai Peninsula were ordered to take shelter in their homes for several hours due to shooting in the area by gunmen on the Egyptian side of the border. 

Kadesh Barnea

The BBC apparently did not consider that development to be newsworthy.

On the same evening, a mortar shell landed near the village of Majdal Shams in the northern Golan Heights and early on the morning of Tuesday, July 16th, three more mortars landed in areas further to the south, with more following later in the day and tens of mortar shells found on the Israeli side of the border by mid afternoon. During the fighting between the Syrian army and rebel paramilitary groups in the vicinity of Quneitra, the former once more introduced tanks into the demilitarised zone in violation of the ceasefire agreement. Israel has lodged a formal complaint with the UN, but has so far refrained from responding. 

As of Tuesday night local time, there is no mention of any of those incidents on the BBC News website. Likewise, the continuing stream of Syrian wounded receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals is also consistently ignored.


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