BBC resurrects Knell’s ‘one-state’ campaigning article

Here is a screenshot of the BBC News website’s Middle East page of July 21st 2013. 

revisited 2

Here is a screenshot of the same page as it appeared on July 28th 2013. 

2ss revisited

The article promoted on both those occasions (marked with the red arrow) dates from March 21st of this year and was written by Yolande Knell of the BBC Jerusalem Bureau on the occasion of President Obama’s visit to Israel.

That article – entitled “Reconsidering the two-state solution” – is, as we noted at the time, an unabashed promotion of the public relations campaign run by “fringe extremists who wish to deny Jews self-determination in their own state, by mainstreaming the notion of the ‘one-state solution’ as a panacea to the lack of progress in the peace process and with across the board adoption of the Palestinian narrative regarding the reasons for that lack of progress”.

As we also noted back in March:

“The BBC of course does not don its campaigning hat in order to promote the denial of the right to self-determination to any other nation. Neither does it blithely depict the proposed destruction of any other sovereign country as a ‘solution’ to a conflict – no matter how protracted or complicated. It is little wonder then that the BBC’s reputation for impartiality on the subject of Israel is called into question almost daily.” 

The BBC News website’s repeated promotion of Knell’s egregious campaigning piece four months on of course only increases doubts concerning the corporation’s impartiality.

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