The Tripod: CAMERA links in three languages: August 6th Edition

Our daily roundup of posts from CAMERA affiliated sites.

BBC self-conscripts to Peace Now campaigning yet again
The BBC tries to persuade audiences that Israel’s National Priority Areas plan is a spoke in the wheel of peace talks . (BBC Watch)

CiF Watch prompts correction to Guardian publication claim about Israeli immigrants
CiF Watch prompted The Observer and EPA Photo Agency to correct the false claim that most Israeli immigrants move to “settlements” in the West Bank . (CiF Watch)

Where’s the coverage?
The PA official TV added a new ingredient to the denial of Israel’s right to exist: monetary incentives. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

What Makes a Rainbow Beautiful
Our student at Baruch College writes how Jews from all over the world have helped Israel become the multicultural society that it is today. (In Focus)

Mad, bad and dangerous: BBC stereotypes half a million Israelis
The BBC visits a community in Judea & Samaria – and then paints a picture of half a million potentially violent Israelis. (BBC Watch)

Getting the Facts Right, Before Lecturing on Morals
Even those attacking the new EU guidelines should get their facts straight (Presspectiva)

Headlines on the Middle East in the Spanish-speaking press
Read what the press in Latin America and Spain is publishing about the Middle East region. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

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