BBC still failing to report missile fire from Gaza Strip

In the early hours of the morning of Thursday, August 8th – at around 01:30 – the residents of Eshkol Regional Council once again had their night’s sleep cut short by the firing of missiles from the Gaza Strip.  

Like the previous bout of missile fire which took place on the morning of Tuesday, July 30th, and indeed like most of the other incidents of missile fire deliberately directed at civilian communities by terrorist organisations based in the Gaza Strip which has taken place since last November, that event was ignored by the BBC.

That means two things; one being that BBC audiences are being kept in the dark with regard to repeated violations of the ceasefire which ended ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud’. That of course means that if and when Israel is forced to react to the deterioration which threatens the security of its civilians, BBC audiences will once again be at a loss to understand the context of those actions, just as they were last November. 

The second aspect of the BBC’s failure to report these incidents of deliberate terrorist targeting of civilians is that its audiences remain unaware of the connection between them and the renewal of talks between Israeli and Palestinian representatives. Whilst vigorously promoting its own interpretation of the so-called “Core Issues” at the heart of negotiations, the BBC is notably less forthcoming with regard to informing its audiences about the Palestinian factions which reject any form of negotiation and have a long history of using terrorism to derail such negotiations.

Whilst the existence – and actions – of such factions are obviously difficult to fit into the standard BBC narrative on the subject of the ‘peace process’, nevertheless, by failing to report on them the BBC is neglecting its basic responsibility as the provider of information which will – according to its own definitions – keep its funders “in touch with what is going on in the world” and “enable individuals to participate in the global debate on significant international issues”.

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