Guardian staffer ponders the “Evil Trinity” of Zionists, Neo-cons and Wahabists.

An Aug. 18 Guardian report titled ‘US has lost all credibility in the Middle East, says John McCain‘, elicited 156 reader comments, including one which noted the “sharp divide” in the U.S. between pragmatists and extremists – the latter consisting of the “Evil Trinity” of “the neocon-military-corporate complex in alliance with Saudi Wahhabism and Israeli Zionism.”  

Not only was the comment not deleted by moderators but, as you can see by the orange icon on the right side of the graphic, it was actually recommended by the Guardian staff.

staff pick

To be clear on why such honors are bestowed upon a select number of reader comments, the following message appears when you hover your cursor over the ‘G pick’ icon – consistent with the official explanation offered when the Guardian introduced the new feature last year:

pop up

The mind truly reels when pondering that a professional at the “liberal” broadsheet evidently finds such a hate-filled, conspiratorial, incoherent rant about the “evil” of “Israeli Zionism” interesting and worthy of debate. 

h/t Pretzelberg 

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