BBC Arabic reports on Syrian patients in Israeli hospitals – but not in Arabic

Over the past few months we have noted here on numerous occasions the BBC’s failure to cover the stories of Syrians wounded in the civil war in their country receiving medical care in Israel – see here, here, here and here for example.  

Now a welcome step has been taken towards changing that with a short filmed report by BBC Arabic’s Sam Farah which appeared both on BBC television news and on the Middle East page of the BBC News website on August 20th

wounded Syrians Israel

Unfortunately though, Sam Farah’s report does not appear to have made it to the Middle East page, the video pageor any other page on the BBC Arabic website. Isn’t this exactly the kind of news which the BBC claims to be providing for people who are unlikely to hear it from the media in their own countries?

As a former BBC Director General once said:

“The BBC’s motto is ‘Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation’ – the idea being that access to news, information and debate about different countries and cultures can ultimately help foster mutual understanding and tolerance.”

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