One to watch: final part of Schama documentary on BBC 2

A reminder for UK-based readers: the fifth and final episode – titled “Return” – of Simon Schama’s documentary “The Story of the Jews” will be shown on BBC 2 at 21:00 tonight – Sunday, September 29th 2013.

Schama doc 5

“Simon Schama examines how the Holocaust and the creation of Israel have fundamentally changed what it means to be Jewish.

Mixing personal recollection with epic history, Simon tells the story of the remarkable personalities and unprecedented events which turned the Zionist dream of creating a modern state of Israel into reality – and the consequences for the world. With contributions from writer David Grossman, photographer Micha Bar-Am, kibbutz founder Freddie Kahan, West Bank settler Zvi Cooper and Palestinian villager Yacoub Odeh. This film explores the tension between the high ideals and dire necessities that led to the creation of a Jewish homeland and the realities of conflict, dispossession and occupation that have followed in its wake.”

Whether or not this is the same “Palestinian villager Yacoub Odeh” as took the BBC’s former Jerusalem correspondent Wyre Davies on a tour of Lifta in May 2011 remains to be seen, but if it is, readers might like to find out more about Mr Odeh the professional political activist, and his remarkably selective memory, here

For those who may have missed them, the previous four episodes of Simon Schama’s documentary are available to view in the UK on BBC iPlayer. The series will apparently be broadcast in the coming spring in the United States.

Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4: (also here.)


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