CAMERA links in 3 languages, Oct 4: BBC Watch, Presspectiva, In Focus, Snapshots and Revista

Our regular roundup of posts from CAMERA affiliated sites:

Debate widens on BBC avoidance of the word terrorist
The BBC’s coverage of the recent terror attack in Kenya has sparked debate over its use of language. (BBC Watch)

BBC’s Marcus promotes ‘moderated’ Iranian Holocaust denial
The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent promotes the notion of ‘moderated’ Iranian Holocaust denial . (BBC Watch)

Guardian engages in Rouhani Revisionism in report on “Holocaust” remarks 
Leave it to the Guardian to obfuscate the Iranian President’s recent Holocaust Revisionism. (CiF Watch)

The Guardian tries out a new narrative: Islamist “dove” vs the Zionist “hawk”.
Guardian headline claim that the Israeli Prime Minister has engaged in “anti-Iran” talk is not supported by the subsequent text. (CiF Watch)

El Universal of Mexico and its bias
Bias, lack of context and anti-Israeli ideology in the Mexican newspaper El Universal. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Middle East headlines in the Spanish-speaking press
Israel warnings in regard to a nuclear Iran and promises by Rohani to “free” the internet access is his country was the focus of attention of the Latin American and Spanish press. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

CAMERA Speaks at Indiana University
CAMERA leads writing and media workshops with Birthright students and pro-Israel students at Indiana University. (in Focus)

The Case of the Mysterious Fatwa
Did Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei issue a fatwa banning nuclear weapons?. (Presspectiva)

OPINION Letter to the editor: Israel cannot be compared to Syria
CAMERA Fellow quickly writes a response to an anti-Israel piece at SUNY Binghamton, his published piece can be read here. (in Focus)

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