The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – October 22nd -24th edition

Where’s the coverage? Jewish cemeteries defaced in Israel
Why does the Israeli media treat the defacing of Jewish cemeteries in Israel differently, (Presspectiva) Tripod logo

Letter to the Editor: “In Response to Nadine Aly”
SJP at FAU spreads inaccuracies. A CAMERA Fellow speaks up with a letter to the editor, and is published in his campus paper. (in Focus)

A Testimonial from a Cedarville University Alumna
CAMERA has had an enormous impact on my past two years in college, my current occupation, and my future career goals. As a Christian . . . (in Focus)

TIME Magazine Flacks for Iran
TIME Magazine takes Iran’s side against the United States. (Snapshots)

Where’s the Coverage? Many Countries Have Nuclear Power but No Enrichment
The latest untold story. (Snapshots)

CAMERA Helps Bring Dr. Anat Berko to USF
As part of the Less Hamas More Hummus Campaign, Dr. Anat Berko spoke at the University of South Florida about her first hand research on suicide bombers and their handlers. (in Focus)

Accuracy and impartiality failures in BBC report on Jerusalem elections
The BBC misleads readers by suggesting that Arab Jerusalemites cannot be Israeli citizens and conceals the campaign of intimidation to stop them voting. (BBC Watch)

BBC terms bus bomb planner claimed as a member by 2 terror groups ‘militant’
How many internationally recognized terror organisations have to claim a person as one of their members before the BBC will stop euphemistically describing him as a “militant”? (BBC Watch)

Inside The Mind of a Bomber
Our speaker is met with a few protesters at UF. CAMERA Fellow Avia Gridi has the final word when she writes about it for her school paper. (In Focus)



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