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Readers may remember that back in April the BBC cancelled the broadcast of a scheduled programme then titled ‘Jerusalem: An Archaeological Mystery Story’.  

“We’re sending this update to everyone who contacted us earlier this year about the programme ‘Jerusalem: An Archaeological Mystery Story’ which was not shown on 25 April in the BBC Four Archaeology season.

We thought you would like to know that this has now been rescheduled and will be transmitted this weekend on BBC Four as ‘Searching for Exile: Truth or Myth?’, which explores the historical and archaeological evidence for the Exile of the Jews. This will be transmitted on Sunday (3rd November) at 9pm on BBC Four. It will then be followed at 10pm by a debate chaired by Ed Stourton featuring the film maker and leading historians discussing the implications of the film for our understanding of the Exile of the Jews.

We hope this is helpful and thank you for contacting us earlier this year,

BBC Audience Services”

Ilan Ziv film BBC 4

Ilan Ziv film debate BBC 4

On the website of the film’s producer, Ilan Ziv, we find the following press release:

“This authored documentary by Ilan Ziv sets out to explore the historical and archaeological evidence for the Exile of the Jews after their defeat in Jerusalem at the hands of the Roman Empire, and its relevance to today.

Tracing the story of Exile from the contemporary commentator Josephus, to 1960s Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin, to the modern city of  Rome and finally to the ruins of a Palestinian village, Ziv asks where the roots of this story lie and what evidence there is for it.

At the centre of the film is the ancient town of Sepphoris (on whose ruins stood the Palestinian village of Saffuriya until 1948) and the lessons its multi-layered history may have to offer.”

On the same website, the film-maker announces a screening of the full-length version of the film in Manchester.

 “I will be showing the original long  version of EXILE A MYTH UNEARTHED in Manchester on Monday  November 4th. Please inquire and RSVP with  LindaClair

Linda Clair is of course a member of the Manchester branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the screening is promoted on that organisation’s website. 

PSC Ziv film

The significance of the BBC electing to screen a version of a film considered by the PSC to be suitable PR material will not be lost on BBC Watch readers.


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