BBC drops the ball on anti-Israel bigotry in sport

Here is an article which appeared on the Middle East page of the BBC News website on November 2nd as well as on the Africa page.

Davis Cup article

The euphemistic language employed in the report means that readers will get little idea of the actual background to the story.

“Malek Jaziri was ordered not to play an Israeli opponent last month”

“Tunisia has been suspended from the Davis Cup tennis tournament after Tunisian player Malek Jaziri was ordered not to compete against an Israeli opponent last month.”

“Officials found Jaziri – who had claimed to be suffering from a knee injury – had been ordered to pull out of the match.” [all emphasis added]

The BBC, however, refrains from making it sufficiently clear to audiences by whom Jaziri “was ordered” not to play against his Israeli opponent, or why. 

Ben Cohen has the whole story here.

“Jaziri had been drawn against an Israeli professional, Amir Weintraub; the Tunisian tennis federation, which continues to follow the Arab League boycott of the State of Israel to the letter, declared this to be a red line that Jaziri was not permitted to cross. “Following a meeting this afternoon with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I have the immense regret to inform you that you are ordered not to play against the Israeli player,” read the email. Jaziri had no choice but to withdraw and Weintraub went through to the semi-final on a forfeit.”

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