Over 42% of BBC report on murdered Israeli soldier devoted to Israeli building tenders

On the morning of November 13th nineteen year-old Israeli soldier Pvt. Eden Attias from Upper Nazareth, who joined the army just a few weeks ago, was travelling on a public bus to his base when he fell asleep. As the bus reached the central bus station in Afula, he was attacked by a Palestinian infiltrator from the Jenin area and sustained critical stabbing injuries which led to his death in hospital shortly afterwards. 

The BBC published a report on the incident on the Middle East page of its website.

terror attack afula

The BBC’s report is 236 words long. One hundred and thirty-five of those words relate to the terror attack itself, although of course as can be expected, the writer refrains from using the term ‘terror’. A further one hundred and one words – 42.7% of the report – are devoted to the subjects of what the BBC describes (for the second time in days) as “faltering peace talks” and building tenders. 

“The violence comes as the US attempts to revive faltering peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Eden Attias (Facebook)
Eden Attias (Facebook)

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a halt to controversial plans for the construction of 24,000 new homes at Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Mr Netanyahu said the plan, announced by his housing minister, had caused unnecessary conflict with the international community at a time when Israel is pressing for a tougher stance on Iran’s nuclear programme.

The US said it had no prior knowledge of the plan, which prompted a Palestinian threat to walk out of the peace talks.”

Interestingly, the BBC apparently has no analysis to offer its audiences with regard to the potential effects of increasingly frequent terror attacks against Israelis on the “faltering peace talks”, preferring to keep attentions focused on the subject of early stage building tenders which are part of a long planning process

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