The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – November 6th -12th

BBC correspondent compares anti-terrorist fence to Berlin wall, fails to mention terrorism 
The BBC’s ‘From our own Correspondent’ presents a one-sided and inaccurate view of Israel’s anti-terrorist fence (BBC Watch) Tripod logo

NYT goes where BBC declines to tread
The BBC systematically fails to address the subject of incitement and glorification of terrorism, either by Hamas or the Palestinian Authority (BBC Watch)

Declare Your Freedom Pro-Israel Rally Planned for New Orleans
Our CAMERA supported student group at the University of New Orleans, Allies for Israel, is planning a Declare Your Freedom 2.0 rally this March. Watch the video created by students at Allies for Israel to learn about the planned pro-Israel rally. (in Focus)

Where’s the Coverage? Israeli Technology Gives Sight to the Blind
The latest untold story. (Snapshots)

Jelen’s Big Slip
Our first CAMERA Fellow in Uruguay publishes his response to an anti-Israel article in two papers. Read the translation here.(in Focus)

Arafat, when rumors replace the news
Some of the Spanish-speaking press hurried to publish rumors about Arafat’s death. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

NYT Corrects: Israel Does not Advance 3500 New Settlements
In the first media correction prompted by CAMERA’s Israel office since this week’s opening of its Jerusalem hub, The International New York Times corrects an article which had incorrectly reported that Israel advances plans for 3,500 new settlements. (CAMERA)

Faulty education system to blame for unrest in Middle East
“It is important to challenge what you believe, so that you know why you believe it. That’s why I decided to backpack around Jordan, the West Bank and Israel this past summer. I have been to refugee camps and through checkpoints. I have experienced the terror that accompanies a rocket attack, and the heartbreak that comes from talking to a Holocaust survivor.” (in Focus)

Breaking the Façade of Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence fulfills its goal “to expose the Israeli public to the ugly underside of what their service as soldiers in the Israeli army interacting with Palestinians looks like” by going on tour in North America. (Snapshots)

Who ever heard of The Washington Post
Why did all the Israeli media report on the scathing New York Times editorial against Netanyahu, but ignore the Washington Post? (Presspectiva)

RT, the Beduin community and the Prawer Plan
Russia Today only quotes sources that oppose the Prawer Plan, while the Plan’s benefits and supporters are disregarded. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Yemini Calls Out Ha’aretz, Cites Presspectiva
Ben-Dror Yemini slams Ha’aretz‘s false campaign condemning Israel’s Holocaust education, and cites the work of Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew site, in exposing falsehoods in Ha’aretz and other Israeli news outlets. (Snapshots)

Exploring Veterans Day and the End of World War I Through a Zionist Lens
The lead-up to the end of World War I signified a turning point for Zionism. Below, we explore Veterans day through the Zionist lens. (in Focus)


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