Which country is absent from the BBC’s list of international aid efforts in the Philippines?

On November 10th a lead team of experts in search & rescue and medicine from the IDF’s Home Front Command left Israel and travelled the 6,000 miles to the typhoon-stricken Philippines in order to assess the needs of the local population.

On the basis of that lead team’s assessments, a delegation set out for the Philippines on the morning of November 13th. In addition to around 100 tons of humanitarian aid and medical supplies, the mission includes 150 team members from the IDF Home Front Command’s Search & Rescue Unit and from the IDF Medical Corps. A field hospital is being set up and live updates are available here and here

IDF mission to Philippines

Among the BBC’s coverage of the disaster appearing on the homepage of its website is an article from November 13th titled “Typhoon Haiyan: UK’s Philippines appeal raises £13m“.

The article includes a side-box headed “Aid From Around the World”, another version of which also appears in this report and in this one. As readers can see for themselves, one country’s contribution – already present on the ground – is absent from that list. 

Aid from around the world

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