BBC amplifies Iranian propaganda over Beirut embassy bombing

On November 19th the BBC News website’s Middle East page ran a report on the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut earlier that day.

Beirut Iranian embassy

The report includes amplification of Iranian propaganda on the subject of the perpetrators of the attack.

“The Iranian ambassador to Beirut confirmed Mr Ansari’s death to Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV, but said it was not clear if he had been in the embassy itself or one of the residential buildings nearby.

Mr Ansari had only taken up his post a month ago, he said.

The ambassador blamed Israel for the attack – an accusation Israel swiftly rejected.”

Beirut Iranian embassy 2

As readers will no doubt be aware, this is not the first occasion on which the BBC has uncritically promoted swiftly produced propaganda statements.

propaganda 1

Despite the fact that the attack was later claimed by the Al Qaeda-affiliated Abdullah Azzam Brigades – as reported by the BBC itself on its dedicated live page and as noted in a later version of the report – the Iranian propaganda was left standing.

later version Beirut bombing


The Iranian ambassador’s propaganda was removed from later versions of the report. 

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