Toddler injured by stone-throwers in Jerusalem not news for the BBC

At around 5 p.m. on Thursday November 28th Shirin Ben Zion was driving with her three children along Asher Weiner street in the south Jerusalem area of Armon HaNetziv when her car was attacked by stone-throwers. Her daughter Avigail – aged two – was hit by a rock weighing some 1.5 kgs and had to be evacuated to hospital due to a fractured skull. 

“Paramedic Raphael Herbest said that “when we arrived at the scene we saw the infant was bleeding at the head. She was lethargic… we were told she was hit with a large stone that hit her head while she was in a car.

“We immediately started treating her and evacuated her. During treatment, she started to regain consciousness.” “

Armon HaNetziv attack 1

Armon HaNetziv attack 2

It was later announced that four youths had been arrested in connection with the incident. The police spokesman noted that additional vehicles had been attacked in the same area on the same day.

The BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau is some eleven minutes’ drive from the location of the incident in which Avigail was injured. Twenty-four hours later, no report on the attack has appeared on the BBC News website. Readers of the website can, however, instead learn all about Orthodox beauty salons in Jerusalem. 

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