You won’t see this on the BBC

As we have noted here on numerous past occasions, the BBC’s presentation of what it chooses to define as ‘obstacles to peace’ and the ‘core issues’ of the Middle East peace process inevitably places the onus on the Israeli side and scrupulously avoids any mention of no less important hurdles on the way to peace such as Palestinian Authority incitement and glorification of terrorism or the Hamas/Fatah split – which of course means that even if the current talks do produce positive results, agreements can only be signed by a body which actually does not represent all of the Palestinian people. 

A video recently translated by MEMRI was produced by Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV and it shows what children in the Gaza Strip are being taught about peace negotiations by the regime which rules some 1.6 million Palestinians. 

MEMRI clip nahoul

Given that the BBC is obliged under the terms of the public purposes defined in its charter to “build a global understanding of international issues”, one would expect the very significant subjects of incitement and the lack of preparation (by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority) of the Palestinian population for peaceful co-existence with their neighbours would feature in the BBC’s extensive coverage. So far, however, the BBC has avoided those issues and others completely.

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