World’s first missile-proof train station opens – BBC not on track

At around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, December 30th residents of the Sha’ar HaNegev regional council in the Western Negev were once again obliged to run for cover as another missile was launched from the Gaza Strip. Fortunately, no injuries or damage were sustained.

Even though this latest bout of missile fire took place just as final preparations were being made to release 26 Palestinian prisoners convicted of acts of terrorism, murder and attempted murder – three of them via the nearby Erez crossing to the Gaza Strip – the attack was not reported by the BBC. 

Thus the proportion of terror attacks by missile fire from the Gaza Strip not reported by the BBC during the month of December now surpasses the 80% we noted last week.

Other recent terrorism-related news from the Western Negev which the BBC has chosen to ignore includes last week’s opening of the world’s first missile-proof train station in Sderot.  The town’s proximity to the Gaza Strip has meant that the necessary protection for travellers to and from this missile-battered community has come at a cost of some $14 million.

“Due to the line’s location – passing less than a mile away from the border – Israel Railways has taken extraordinary measures to guarantee passenger safety. Trains travel in a deep trench – up to 12 meters deep at some points– for much of the route nearest Gaza and the glass-and-steel station in Sderot has many hidden features protecting it from attack. The roof is reinforced by 50 centimeters of concrete and a long, underground corridor leading from the platform to the entrance functions as a bomb shelter. The shaft can be sealed on both sides with metal blast doors for extra safety.”

Photo credit: Israel HaYom

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