Eleven links in four BBC articles promote baseless second Intifada myth

Since the evening of January 1st the BBC News website has produced no fewer than four separate reports at different URLs on the subject of the deteriorating health of Israel’s former prime minister Ariel Sharon. 

January 1st: “Ariel Sharon’s health suffers ‘serious deterioration’“.

January 2nd:  “Israel ex-PM Ariel Sharon ‘critically ill’

January 3rd: “Israel ex-PM Ariel Sharon ‘deteriorates further’

January 5th:  “Ariel Sharon: Doctors pessimistic over ex-PM’s survival

Each of those articles includes between two and three links to the BBC’s recently updated profile of Ariel Sharon which still promotes the erroneous claim that his visit to Temple Mount in September 2000 was the cause of the second Intifada.

“In 2000 Mr Sharon paid a controversial visit to the holy compound in Jerusalem known as the Temple Mount to Jews and Haram al-Sharif to Muslims.

Palestinians rioted and the second intifada (uprising) ensued.”



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