BBC website removes misleading ‘hostile territory’ claim

On January 16th we noted here that an article appearing on the Middle East page of the BBC News website included the misleading claim that:

“It [Israel] considers Gaza a “hostile territory” after it was taken over by the Islamist Hamas movement in 2007.”

five hurt art 16 1

As has been noted here on several previous occasions in which the same misleading statement has been made, that September 2007 designation of the Gaza Strip as ‘hostile territory’ came about not – as the BBC repeatedly claims – as a result of the Hamas take-over of the Strip in June 2007, but because of the subsequent escalation in terrorism emanating from that territory. 

A later amendment to the article saw the removal of that misleading claim, although there is no notification to readers that a change has been made.

Jan 16th Gaza art changed

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