Win for co-existence, eco-friendly products & Scarlett Johansson = BDS Fail

In light of news today concerning Scarlett Johansson’s stand against BDS bullies in stepping down as Oxfam ambassador, while refusing to resign from her position as global brand ambassador for the Israeli company SodaStream, we thought you’d enjoy this clip of an interview a colleague and I conducted with company CEO Daniel Birnbaum at their corporate offices in Lod.  

In the video, recorded a few months ago, Birnbaum responds to our question about pressure from BDS activists regarding their plant at Mishor Adumim which employs Jewish and Arab Israelis – and over 500 Palestinians.


We also spoke to an Israeli Arab production manager, by phone, at Mishor Adumim named Barhum Muhammed, and asked him about the working conditions there, and about a false charge leveled by a British reporter that there was a pay disparity between Jews and Palestinians.


Finally, just for fun, here’s SodaStream’s ‘banned’ Super Bowl commercial featuring Johansson singing the praises of the eco-friendly home soda-making product:

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