BBC Technology correspondent visits the ‘start-up nation’

It is an all too rare pleasure to be able to note here BBC reporting on Israel which is accurate, impartial, informative and objective. As we have observed here in the past, reports which do tick those boxes often come from BBC news departments dedicated to specific subjects such as science or technology, where the political stance of journalists is less relevant to the subject matter.

BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones recently paid a visit to Israel and his February 10th report titled “Next Silicon Valleys: What makes Israel a start-up nation?” currently appears on the Technology and Middle East pages of the BBC News website. The written report also includes filmed items shown on BBC television news.

Cellan Jones technology art

The only inaccuracy requiring correction in Cellan-Jones’ report is the description of Herzliya as a suburb of Tel Aviv: despite its geographical proximity to Tel Aviv, it is in fact a separate city with its own municipality.

The appearance of reports such as this one highlights all the more the sharp contrast between the BBC’s ability to produce good journalism on subject matter not related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the regrettable way in which political standpoints frequently trump standards of journalism when the subject matter does relate to such issues. 

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