90% of missile attacks from Gaza Strip in February ignored by the BBC

On February 11th we reported on incidents of missile fire from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of that month which had been completely ignored by the BBC. In addition to those incidents, the following also took place during the month of February:

On February 14th two separate incidents of missile fire from the Gaza Strip took place a couple of hours apart.

On February 18th an improvised explosive device (IED) was discovered on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip and on the same afternoon two errant mortars fired from Syria landed in the Golan Heights.

None of those incidents was reported by the BBC either.

On February 28th the IAF carried out a strike on a missile launching site near Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip to eliminate an imminent attack. That strike was mentioned briefly in a BBC report relating to another subject, but it was not made clear that an attempt to fire a missile was ongoing at the time.

The table below sums up February’s cross-border attacks and the BBC’s reporting of them.

Missile attacks February

Of the attacks originating in the Gaza Strip, the thwarted IED attack was ignored and only one of the ten different incidents of missile fire or attempted missile fire was partly reported, but without it having been made clear that an attack was in progress. In other words, 90% of missile fire at Israeli civilians from the Gaza Strip during the month of February was ignored by the BBC.

That of course means that BBC audiences continue to be denied information concerning the vast majority of attacks by terrorist groups on Israeli civilians in southern Israel and hence lack the background and context to enable them to be able to reach informed opinions on the subject of Israel’s responses to the activities of terror organisations on its southern borders.

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