Another example of BBC double standards on terrorism

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Back in April we noted yet another example of the BBC’s consistent failure to inform audiences with regard to the Palestinian Authority’s glorification of terrorism – in that case the naming of a forest after a terrorist responsible for the murders of 125 Israelis.AJF

In that post we asked:

“Can we really imagine that if the Northern Ireland Assembly chose to name a forest after an IRA terrorist and to televise the inauguration ceremony on state-run TV, that would not make BBC headlines?”

Thanks to a reader, we now have an answer to that question.  

An article which appeared in the Northern Ireland section of the BBC News website in late 2012 relates to the proposed renaming of a children’s playground in Newry named after a former IRA hunger striker. As can be seen, the BBC not only considered the story relevant and important enough to cover, it also took care to inform audiences of views of the issue from both sides.

“A playpark in Newry is to stay named after a former IRA hunger striker.

Nationalist councillors in Newry and Mourne Council voted to keep the name as the Raymond McCreesh Park. […]

In a statement Newry and Mourne Council said: “In so doing council formally acknowledge that the decision to rename the play park had potential to adversely impact upon good relations between people of different religious belief and political opinion.”

Ulster Unionist MLA for Newry and Armagh, Danny Kennedy, condemned the decision taken by Sinn Fein and SDLP councillors.

“I honestly cannot think of anyone less deserving of commemoration in any shape or form,” he said.

“Raymond McCreesh was a terrorist who was convicted of attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, possession of firearms with intent to endanger life and IRA membership.

“To compound that, the Armalite rifle he was caught with was linked to a string of murders including the Kingsmills massacre.

“This is not ancient history, the wounds are still very raw, and were compounded by the fact that less than two days ago a memorial to the victims of Kingsmills was vandalised whilst under construction and the letters IRA were inscribed into it.”

William Irwin of the DUP said: “The naming of any building or area after a terrorist is always objectionable, but there is something particularly macabre and chilling about the naming of a children’s playground after a man such as Raymond McCreesh.”

Yet another example of the double standards at play in BBC reporting on terrorism-related issues. 




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