BREAKING: Foreign journalist shows openness to criticism

Earlier today, we posted about an article in the Independent on Gaza post-war reconstruction which included the claim that the only construction materials permitted to enter Gaza are those which come from Israeli sources.

However, we noted that the Indy article failed to inform readers that the very site linked to (in order to buttress the claim that Israel only allows Israeli-made construction materials into Gaza) also quoted Mark Regev from the prime minister’s office flatly denying the allegation.  Additionally, we contacted COGAT, the Israeli body responsible for coordinating aid into Gaza, and they also firmly denied the charge.
We’ve contacted Indy editors over the omission and are awaiting their reply, but are quite hopeful that a revision will be made following this refreshingly civil reply to my Tweet about our recent post by the Indy journalist who wrote the article, Natasha Culzac – whose Twitter handle is @tinbaths.
Ms. Culzac’s humility is quite a contrast to the arrogance we’re so accustomed to when confronting foreign journos. Here’s a recent exchange I had with the BBC’s Jon Donnison in response to his unprompted attack on our sister site, BBC Watch.
donnisonWe can only hope that more professional journalists understand that the powerful media groups they work for can benefit from the independent monitoring work of sites such as CAMERA, CiF Watch and BBC Watch, and attempt to show just a bit of Ms. Culzac’s refreshing openness to criticism. 

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