CiF Watch prompts correction to Indy claim about Gaza construction materials

A Sept. 5th article at The Independent on post-war Gaza reconstruction by Natasha Culzac included the claim that only Israeli-made materials are permitted to enter into Gaza:

Snapshot of the original passages from a cached page

As we noted in our original post on the article, the Indy failed to reveal that the very article linked to (to buttress the claim of “Israeli-only” construction materials) also included a firm denial that any such policy exists by the prime minister’s spokesman Mark Regev. Additionally, we noted, CiF Watch contacted COGAT, which coordinates the entry of aid into Gaza, to ask them about the claim, and we received a similarly unequivocal denial.
After contacting Indy editors (and Tweeting Natasha Culzac), not only was a correction made, but all of the passages cited above were completely deleted from the article. (You can see the article before the changes were made at this cached page).
We commend both Ms. Culzac and Indy editors on their positive response to our complaint.

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