Gideon Levy recycles a likely fabricated Golda Meir quote for the Irish Times

As CAMERA has previously documented, in 2004 Gideon Levy claimed in a Ha’aretz column that “Golda Meir said that after what the Nazis did to us, we can do whatever we want,” but was later forced to admit that he had no source for the quote. In an email to CAMERA, he acknowledged: “Therefore we dropped the quotation in the original version in Hebrew and by mistake it was printed in the English version.”
He’s at it again.

A gushing profile of Levy, a favorite of anti-Zionists in the Western media, was published on September 11th in the Irish Times by Lara Marlow, titled “Holocaust makes Israelis think international law doesn’t apply.
It included the following passage, which neatly falls in line with the characteristically malign narrative advanced in the headline:

On a national level, “Golda Meir said that after the Holocaust, Jews have the right to do anything they want,” Levy continues. “The Holocaust makes Israelis think international law doesn’t apply to them, because they are the ultimate victims of history; the only victims.”

Anyone even remotely familiar with Levy’s body of work would likely be quite skeptical of those who might suggest he simply ‘forgot’ to have previously acknowledged the absence of anything resembling a source for the quote.

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