BBC News website silent on Labour PPC suspension over anti-Israel Tweets

The Sunday Times, the Independent, the Mirror, the Express and the Jewish Chronicle have all reported over the last couple of days that a prospective Parliamentary candidate for the British Labour Party has been suspended following a series of offensive anti-Israel Tweets. Even Ha’aretz, the Jerusalem Post and Press TV are carrying the story.

And the BBC? Well, nothing on the topic currently appears on the BBC News website page devoted to the county in which Vicki Kirby’s prospective constituency is located.

Website Surrey

Neither does a report on the matter appear on the website’s England page or UK page.

Website England

Website UK

There is plenty of coverage of the ongoing Labour Party conference in Manchester (to which Kirby was apparently en route when she was informed of her suspension) on the website’s dedicated UK Politics page, but no mention of a PPC selected by a mainstream British political party who obviously felt that it was acceptable to publicly use a Nazi analogy and to declare that she would ensure that her grandchildren learned “how evil Israel is”.

Website UK politics


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