More BBC News website portrayal of run-over terror as traffic accident

Hours after the terror attack in Jerusalem on November 5th in which Border Police Officer Jidan Assad was killed and thirteen others injured, another attack took place at around 10 p.m. on Route 60.

“A Palestinian driving a large commercial vehicle rammed into three IDF soldiers standing near a pillbox by al-Arroub in the West Bank on Wednesday night.

The three soldiers were wounded in the attack near a Palestinian refugee camp close to the Gush Etzion Junction, one suffering moderate-to-severe injuries and the other two moderately wounded. […]

The vehicle escaped towards Hebron, and security forces were conducting searches of the area and placing barricades to catch the suspect. The vehicle was later found abandoned in al-Arroub with damage to its hood. 

The wounded soldiers were from a battalion deployed to Gush Etzion. The troops were securing Highway 60 that is adjacent to the al-Arroub refugee camp, where stones and Molotov cocktails are thrown at Israeli vehicles every day.”

The search for the perpetrator of the attack continues.

There was no stand-alone reporting of that incident on the BBC News website. A paragraph was inserted into the rolling BBC report currently going under the headline “Policeman killed in fresh Jerusalem car attack” which covered both the rioting by Palestinians on Temple Mount on the morning of November 5th and the later terror attack in Jerusalem. Once again, the incident was portrayed in a manner which gives visitors to the BBC News website the mistaken impression that they are reading about a road traffic accident.

“In a separate development later on Wednesday, a Palestinian motorist drove into a group of soldiers in the southern West Bank, injuring three of them. The incident happened near a Palestinian refugee camp, Israeli police said.”

The BBC’s Middle East bureau chief was however clearly aware that this was not an accident and was also capable of seeing the link between the two incidents.

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So why are visitors to the BBC News website not being told what the BBC obviously knows? 

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