Per the Guardian: A Palestinian certainly got shot; Israelis possibly "got stabbed"

A few hours ago, A Palestinian terrorist (reportedly from the West Bank town Al-Azariya) stabbed two people at a Rami Levy supermarket in Mishor Adumim. The terrorist was then shot by an off-duty security guard. The Israeli victims were evacuated to Jerusalem for treatment.  
According to multiple news reports on the incident, the facts are not in dispute. 
Both CBS News and the Guardian published versions of the same Associated Press (AP) story on the incident.

Here’s the CBS headline.
Here’s the Guardian headline:
Note that the Guardian decided to lead with the fact that the Palestinian assailant was shot, while CBS simply informed readers that two Israelis were stabbed by a Palestinian.  Of course, the other curious choice by Guardian editors pertains to the quotes around ‘after attacking Israeli shoppers’, and the absence of such a qualifier around Palestinian shot.
If AP based its report – as the story makes clear – on an official statement by Israeli police, then what accounts for the Guardian’s selective skepticism regarding only one element of the story?
The answer to this question should be obvious to anyone even remotely familiar with the Guardian’s coverage of the region.

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