Channel 4 News: Is walking in Muslim areas of Paris with a kippah a provocation?

Can the simple act of wearing a Jewish kippah be considered a “provocation” to Muslims in Europe?
That’s the question you should ask while contextualizing this interview on Channel 4 News with the Israeli Jewish journalist (Zvika Klein) who recently filmed himself being verbally abused and spat on at as he walked around Paris.
(Pay attention to the exchange at roughly the 2:48 mark)
Klein’s response to the Channel 4 News anchor’s question is telling. When asked if filming himself walking around Muslim areas with a kippah was a “provocation”, Klein noted that he’s a religious Jew and that’s how he normally dresses – except when in areas of Europe where doing so is not safe.
Of course, the Channel 4 News anchor could have followed up by asking: Why, in 2015, is it unsafe for religious Jews to walk around in parts of Europe? 
Following the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, some, though not justifying the assault, asked if cartoons of Muhammad were a unnecessary ‘provocation’ since such depictions are considered contrary to Islam.
However, is there any Islamic law which forbids the wearing of kippahs? Have we gotten to the point where some in the media believe that the simple act of walking while Jewish can arguably be seen as an act of incitement?

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