George Galloway 'reveals' the secret location of UK Media Watch

Evidently, we’ve been getting under George Galloway’s skin.
The Respect Party MP from Bradford West must be fuming over our posts documenting his adoption of antisemitic narratives and embrace of antisemites, and our refusal to be silenced in the face of intimidation by his lawyers, who’ve been demanding £6,000 from those accusing him of antisemitism.
Though he blocked UK Media Watch on Twitter, he’s been getting pulverized by others who similarly refuse by be cowed by his bullying tactics.
In one such exchange, Galloway advised tweeters not to communicate with us, and also “revealed” our top-secret location.
Our reply.
Blogger Ray Cook then chimed in.
If George Galloway didn’t actually exist, those of us in the “Zionist propaganda” community would SO need to invent him! 

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