Two videos from Jerusalem: the one BBC viewers saw and the one they didn’t

On April 29th visitors to the BBC News website’s main homepage were presented with a video filmed in Jerusalem.

petrol station story on home page

So were visitors to the website’s ‘World’ homepage:

petrol station story on World page

And also those who arrived at the website’s Middle East page:

petrol station story on ME pge

The BBC also uploaded the same video to its BBC News Youtube channel.

Whilst the footage (taken from a CCTV camera at a Jerusalem petrol station) is certainly dramatic, the story behind it is perhaps not quite as earth-shatteringly important as its promotion on three separate pages of the BBC News website would suggest. The BBC’s synopsis states:petrol station story

“A woman has denied deliberately setting fire to a petrol pump on a Jerusalem forecourt, after being refused a cigarette by a motorist, according to local police.

Israeli police released CCTV in which a woman is seen approaching a man filling his car, then walking away, before turning back and appearing to use a lighter to set the fuel ablaze.

According to local media, the driver’s brother was in the car, but no injuries were reported.

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld was quoted as saying; “The woman was arrested shortly after the incident and… denied the incident”.”

BBC audiences are not, however, informed that the woman apparently suffers from mental health problems.

Another video taken from CCTV footage in Jerusalem was also released into the public domain on April 29th. That film shows the terror attack which took place in the French Hill district of the city on April 15th in which one person was killed and a second seriously injured.

As readers will recall, the BBC did not see fit to report on that fatal terror attack at the time and the corporation obviously does not consider the video footage of the attack worthy of promotion on three separate webpages and a Youtube channel now. 

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