Sunday fun post: Israeli paper somehow gets key fact about #RoyalBaby wrong

As anyone with a beating heart must surely know by now, Prince William and his wife Kate arrived home yesterday with their new 8 lbs 3 ounce (3.7 kg) baby girl, as Britons eagerly awaited news of the new royal princess’s name.

Prince William and Catherine show their newborn daughter to the media

Though many Americans are still bewildered by the British media’s obsessive focus on the royal family, excitement over the girl born to the Duchess of Cambridge quickly surfaced as one of the most popular international news stories.  Less than 30 minutes after the birth was announced, #RoyalBaby was the number one trending topic globally on Twitter, peaking at over 4,000 tweets per minute.

Most Israeli new sites reported the royal birth, including Maariv.  Though some Israeli sites focused on the buzz relating to the mystery of how Kate looked so good a mere hours after giving birth, Maariv’s large spread of photos and text on page 14 of the print edition provoked an entirely different (and unintended) scandal.

Here’s the digital version of the print edition.

Maariv2 (2)

As my colleague Gidon Shaviv (CAMERA senior researcher) noted in a subsequent tweetMaariv got a ‘relatively important’ element of the story wrong.

The headline reads:

Kate and Harry’s princess

Harry is of course the younger brother of William.

Harry and William
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