Still no BBC correction on inaccurate “first new saints” claim

A BBC News website article published on May 13th informed readers that:

Saints article

As was already pointed out here a couple of weeks ago, that claim is inaccurate.

“In 1977 a Lebanese Maronite Christian was canonized and at least two other saints of Lebanese origin alone have been canonized since then.”

The BBC was not the only media outlet to initially mislead audiences with inaccurate claims concerning the new saints. However, as our colleagues at CAMERA and UK Media Watch have recorded, several other outlets have already corrected their reports – including Ha’aretz, the Washington Post, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Times and the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, despite the BBC’s Vatican correspondent having been informed of the error, visitors to the BBC News website continue to find the above inaccurate information in situ. 

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