Head of BBC’s ME bureau slams Israeli government criticism of Gaza reporting

On June 14th Israel’s Foreign Ministry released the following video which, whilst not the most sophisticated piece of video work ever produced, will certainly ring a bell with all those who followed the BBC’s coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hamas last summer.


Some people were apparently rather upset by that 49 second cartoon – including the head of the BBC’s Middle East bureau…

Coleborn MFA tweet 1

Colebourn MFA tweet 2

….and the local Foreign Press Association (where Colebourn is a board member), which released a distinctly patronising statement instructing the MFA how it should be spending its time.

FPA statement MFA vidInterestingly, the FPA appears to have forgotten about another statement it put out August 2014.

FPA statement Hamas Aug 14

And no less remarkable is the fact that the video’s critics do not seem to be overly keen to address the actual issues behind the satire.

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