BBC News erases context in mention of Gaza fence incident

Inserted into the latter part of the BBC News website’s July 31st article concerning the terror attack in Duma are the following unrelated sentences:Beit Lahiya

“In another incident on Friday, officials in Gaza said Israeli troops shot dead one man and wounded another near the security fence that marks Israel’s border.

Israel confirmed soldiers had fired on the men but did not know their condition.”

The incident took place near Beit Lahiya and – contrary to the impression given in the BBC’s account – something happened before the soldiers opened fire.

“An Israeli military spokeswoman said several suspects approached the fence at two different points and did not heed calls by soldiers to stop. She said one group threw stones at the security fence and that soldiers fired warning shots in the air before firing at the “suspects’ lower extremities.””

Clearly that missing context is vital to proper audience understanding of the information provided.

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