BBC News website corrects inaccurate administrative detention claim

As was noted in this previous post, a recent BBC News website article inaccurately informed audiences that:correction

“Israel has used administrative detention against Palestinians but not against Jewish suspects.”

Following communication from BBC Watch that sentence was amended and now reads:

“Israel frequently uses administrative detention against Palestinians but its use against Jewish suspects is rarer.”

A footnote was added at the bottom of the report.

Admin det Meir correction

All changes to that article can be viewed here.

Yet again, the absence of a much-needed dedicated corrections page on the BBC News website means that those who read this report in the first fifteen or so hours after its publication will most likely remain unaware of the fact that they received inaccurate information.

One must again ponder the question of why an organization committed by its founding charter to standards of accuracy continues to refrain from taking the very simple step of introducing a dedicated corrections page in order to relieve members of its audience of any misleading impressions they may have received from its online news output, prevent the waste of resources on unnecessary complaints and increase its transparency. 

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