George Galloway given his own show for a week on LBC.

Posted by Richard Millett

George Galloway used to present a regular phone-in show on Talksport Radio. During one of my live on-air calls with him when we were debating Israel George told me that I was banned from phoning in again because I was “deceiving the listeners”. Galloway’s show ended in 2010 after a four year run.

Now LBC Radio has announced that George will host his own show this coming Saturday morning from 10am and then from 10am to 1pm the following Monday to Friday. He will be covering for presenters who are away.

In the accompanying video clip Justin Cohen, news editor of the Jewish News, says to London mayoral candidate Galloway “You say you want to represent London for all but many British Jews will consider that laughable considering your comments”.

Although not shown in the clip Justin goes on to mention Galloway’s comments last summer that Bradford should become an “Israel-free zone” (Galloway lost his Bradford West parliamentary seat in this May’s general election) and he asked George whether he wished London to be “Israel-free” also.

This week’s Jewish News reports that Galloway, if he becomes London Mayor, would snub Israel’s mayors (would that include Arab Israeli mayors?) but he didn’t believe London should be “Israel-free”. It’s doubtful Galloway will win the London mayoralty but with Corbyn hysteria gripping the Labour Party one never knows.

Meanwhile, we wait with bated breath for the LBC shows. Hopefully George won’t remember that he’d banned me because when Israel is discussed I will try to summon up the courage to call in. But if you’re Israeli presumably he won’t talk to you because you’re, well, Israeli (see clip below). There’s usually a word for that.

But you can try by calling 0345 60 60 973 Texting 84850 and Tweeting @LBC

Good luck!

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