Have the Guardian and Corbyn finally fallen out over anti-Semitism?

A guest post by AKUS

In the run-up to the election of a new head of the British Labour party the Guardian appeared to back Jeremy Corbyn, a 66 year-old Marxist Seamus Milne clone still fighting the CND wars. Typically, far from coming from the working class, he is a graduate of Adams’ Grammar School (“a selective boys’ grammar school in Newport, Shropshire, England”).

It appears to have dawned on the Guardian’s editorial staff that there is a large proportion of the British electorate who may not accept “The Guardian View” on how to dispose of their hard-earned wealth in a new Marxist paradise. In that case Labour, the working-man’s party backed by the horrendously over-paid Oxbridge pseudo-left pen-pushers at the Guardian, will not be in a position to grasp the reins of power.

In the true tradition of the ultra-left, the knives have now come out to rid the Guardian of any connection to its former candidate. He must be totally disposed of so that the new leader may arise.

Amazingly, to achieve their goal they are now correctly pointing out Corbyn’s closeness to a list of anti-Semites and those less than lovable characters and organizations that hate and make war against Israel. Since I share their views for once, we make strange bed-fellows.

Consider this amazing string of accusations against Corbyn that appeared yesterday in the Guardian. It reads like extracts from articles that have appeared at UKMediaWatch:

“Then there is Corbyn’s apparent proximity to antisemitism. While I genuinely believe that Corbyn does not have an antisemitic bone in his body, he does have a proclivity for sharing platforms with individuals who do; and his excuses for doing so do not stand up.

Take the fact that Corbyn once described it as his “honour and pleasure” to host “our friends” from Hamas and Hezbollah in parliament. According to Corbyn, he extended his invitation to the aforementioned groups – and spoke of them glowingly – because all sides need to be involved in the peace process.

So far, so reasonable. Yet negotiation is not on Hamas’s agenda, as Corbyn ought to know. In its charter Hamas states: “Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement… There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through jihad.”

It isn’t a peaceful negotiated solution that Hamas wants; it’s the destruction of the Jews. Here is a direct quote from Hamas’s charter: “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: ‘The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!’” If this were not bad enough, Corbyn has also:

• Taken tea on the parliamentary terrace with Raed Salah, who he described as “a very honoured citizen” despite that fact that Salah was charged with inciting anti-Jewish racism and violence in January 2008 in Jerusalem and sentenced to eight months in prison. He was found by a British court judge to have used the “blood libel”, the medieval antisemitic canard that Jews use gentile blood for ritual purposes;

• Written a letter defending Stephen Sizer, the vicar disciplined by the Church of England for linking to an article on social media entitled 9/11: Israel Did It;

• Presented a call-in programme on Press TV, a propaganda channel of the Iranian government which was banned by Ofcom and which regularly hosts Holocaust deniers;

• Been accused of donating money to self-proclaimed Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, whose Deir Yassin Remembered group has been shunned by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, in the name of refusing to “turn a blind eye to antisemitism”. Corbyn has addressed that claim via his spokesman, who said that “Jeremy Corbyn’s office” had had no contact with Eisen and that Corbyn disassociated himself from his extreme views – a denial that seems neither forceful nor convincing.”

The extract above is not some below the line comment by a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist, but a full-fledged hatchet job by a card-carrying fellow-traveler from the Guardian axe-grinding factory. You may be shocked – shocked! – to learn that it is written by James Bloodworth “[who] is the editor of Left Foot Forward. He also contributes to the Independent”.

People have been banned from commenting on CiF for less. Extracts from the Hamas charter are automatically deleted by zealous moderators anxious to hide the ugliness of Hamas from the delicate eyes of the CiFalists. Hezbollah is presented as a freedom fighting organization, constantly liberating Lebanon from the non-existent Israeli occupation. Iran, we are told, is a wonderful country that any Jew should feel comfortable visiting. Now it appears that all are Corbyn’s friends.

I could not have made a better case for why the great British public should turn their noses up at Mr. Corbyn. How odd it comes straight from the Guardian.

I do admit to a little schadenfreude to see this attack on a website that regularly offers space to spokesmen from Hamas and Hezbollah to parade sanitized versions of their views. The Guardian is at the very heart of the media promoting hatred of Israel unlike any other country in a bizarre coupling of its ultra-left-wing Stalinist ideology with its love affair with the ultra-right fascism of Islamism.

When obsessive Israel haters like Corbyn and the Guardian fall out – it’s hard not to stand to one side and enjoy the show.

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